What is Computer Software?


A software is a program, a set of words, or you can say an instruction set that we write. It is not meant to be for any business or an individual but your computers. There is a language that your computer understands which is further enhanced by experts into different languages who worked their entire lives in doing so. Programmers write codes in these languages, and they make a computer perform tasks that they wish the machine to do. That set of codes is presented in front of you as a software. You type a letter or give a command, and the computer takes a look at instructions written by the coder to do the job that the particular command is supposed to do. In other words, the software does what is must do for you! 

What Role Does Software Play In Our Lives?

The world is pretty fast these days, and it can be tricky to adopt the pace at which it is moving. People who fail to get on with it tend to face failures. The role if IT is critical if you consider the speed with which we are dealing with things today. It is not just cars or trains that make our works easier; the information technology is playing a critical role in our lives. The ratio is quite high, and one needs to realize that the knowledge if IT is necessary. There are different software around us that we use today, and many people among us do not even know what software is and what role it plays in our lives. So, we decide to write something about it.  

Why You Need Software?

We use software each day. You have a smartphone, and you use it? Actually, you are using a software. The operating system is software. The UI (user interface) is also a software. Even the application you use to listen to music, watch videos and make calls or send texts also use some sort of software. The highlights of software use today include learning. Today, teachers from all over the world are running different programs on the internet in which students from different countries engage and learn something new. Moreover, the medication and health system is improved due to it. You get engineers today making use of different software such as AutoCAD and 3D designing in order to create stronger, better and durable structures.

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