What Is A B6Z File? Learn About B6Z Files Here

A B6Z file is a compressed archive file, meaning that it has been reduced in file size.  This is done using the B6Zip utility and is used for efficient distribution of files over the internet and to save space.

B6Z File Details

A B6Z file has been compressed from a collection of one or more source files and/or directories.  Mainly used by macOS users, B6Zip is one of the popular ways of compressing data, giving users both archiving and compression.  B6Zip can have multiple files reduced in size in a single .b6z file.

The B6Z format is gaining popularity on file sharing and download sites, because of the compression capabilities offered by the B6Z algorithms.  On average a B6Z archive is 30% smaller when compared to the same file compressed with RAR or ZIP.  Not only does B6Z offer better compression, but the modern algorithms actually are much faster as well.

Some of the other benefits of B6Z include encryption, and redundant consistency checks.  Because B6Zip incorporates these checks into B6Z archives, any damaged archive due to data loss has the possibility of being restored.  Splitting archives into multiple files is also a feature of B6Z.  Only the strongest encryption algorithms are used in B6Zip to protect your data, and because of the extensible format of B6Z, new encryption schemes can be added in the future.

Opening B6Z Files

If you are attempting to open a .b6z file on a Apple computer, you will need the B6Zip app.  After installing B6Zip, you can associate file extensions that will be handled by B6Zip when double clicking on them.  Since B6Zip supports all known file archive formats including B6Z, ZIP, RAR, and 7Z, this is the only utility that you will need for your file extracting needs.