The Best Tool for Moving Your Old Important Files

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Archiving has been an important thing to do in a business since a long time ago. However, in today’s digital and internet era, the archiving process turn into something that’s not easy to do. The amount of data increases significantly. The type of documents also becomes much vary than before. Therefore, using a professional service like ArchiverFS will be very helpful.

What is ArchiverFS?

ArchiverFS is a product from MLtek. This is a powerful tool that let you easily transfer your old files to any devices or server via UNC path to any type of server, from VM to Google Cloud Server. You can check out the main product page if you want to know more about this product. However, this product will be very useful for your archiving purpose.

The Benefits

ArchiverFS can transfer the file in second. It doesn’t matter how many files that you have or how big its size, it can don’t much faster than other tools. And, that’s not all. This tool also creates a link on your old server or drive that will connect it to the old files that you’ve had move. And, you will get the live access from it, unlike other tools.

With this feature, you can get many benefits, such as you can make more space on your server or drives for your new files. It will also improve the performance of your server. And, your old files on another server will be protected by the best security system.


ArchiverFS will become one of the important tools that every business can have, including yours. It gives you more benefits as well as easy to use. You also can save more time, energy, and of course, money with ArchiverFS. If you want to know more about this tool, you can visit thier site for more info.