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USB Type-C: What you need to know, the confusions to avoid

The USB connector Type-C was unveiled a year ago, and then ratified six months ago, but it is beginning to materialize this month and should quickly democratize. The opportunity to come back on some subtleties and anticipate some potential confusions.

The standards often contain subtleties that are likely to escape the layman, especially in the field of connection. In essence, the connector, i.e. the form of the socket, the interface, i.e. the communication protocol, should be distinguished.


It must be said that we are the first, the specialized media, to endure abuses of language so as not to divert our readers. Thus, it was sometimes referred to as “VGA port”, while VGA signals could borrow a D-Sub-15 connector, in most cases, but also sometimes five BNC plugs. More contemporary: The concept of “HDMI” refers to both the connector and the “High Definition Multimedia Interface”. The MHL output of some smartphones, for example, transmits an HDMI signal (among other things) through USB connectors.

USB Type-C is not USB 3.1

To return to the USB, the Type-C only designates the connector. It has been designed in conjunction with USB 3.1, and by the same USB 3.0 promoter Group, but many devices with USB C ports will be only USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 or even USB 1.1. An audio DAC For example does not need any more.

The single-size USB Type-C connector succeeds the three sizes of USB type-A and type-B (micro, Mini and full format). Similar in size to a Type-a micro USB connector, the USB C thus brings a leveling down in terms of clutter. It contributes to the design of ultra-thin laptops.

It is also and above all reversible: one can connect it indifferently in one direction or the other. But he still has a gender, male or female.


The alternate Mode, reserved for USB C

The USB C Connector finally has more contacts, paving the way for other innovations.

The USB 3.1 TYPE-C actually leads to an increase in throughput, but you can benefit from the bandwidth range from 5 to 10 Gb/s with traditional 11-pin Type-A USB connectors. The new USB power Delivery 2.0 standard, which carries 100 W electricity that can be delivered in USB, also accommodates a USB connector. It also makes the power supply bidirectional: A transformer can power a laptop and a laptop computer can power an external device through the same port.

But the latest, most significant innovation, calls for extra pins. The USB Type-C brings the alternate Mode, which allows to reassign the pins of the four channels of a connector to establish all kinds of connections. It makes the USB connection truly universal. At Date, the VESA has formalized the DisplayPort alternate Mode, which allows an audio-video signal to be broadcast on a USB C-connector cable.

The USB 3.1 Gen 1 trap

To conclude a potential trap, that of the “USB 3.1 Gen 1″, which benefits from all the aforementioned innovations, but which operates the same data transfer Protocol as USB 3.0, and capped at 5 Gb/s.

The best way to identify throughput will be to refer to the following terminology: SuperSpeed for 5 GB/s and SuperSpeedPlus for USB 3.1 Gen 2 to 10 Gb/s.

Anyway, USB remains true to the principle of compatibility. Logically, a USB 1.1 device can be connected to a USB 3.1 interface, but on a physical level it will sometimes be necessary to use passive adapters to switch from USB A to USB C. It is nevertheless a first for the USB, created nearly 20 years ago (in 1996), and thus the beginning of the first transient phase of this connection, which could spread over several years.

The Important Things for Best Truck GPS You Can Get


GPS gadget is one of important tool in business. Every company that used transportation or vehicle for their business will need it. For that reason, it’s important to get best GPS tool, so it can give the business a good help and addition. Now, if you need GPS tool for truck or other vehicle, there are several things that you need to know, so you can get best truck gps.

The Screen Size

This is important part, because the screen size will help you to read the information on that device, easier. It doesn’t have to be GPS device with big screen size. As long it fit on your truck dashboard and it make you can easily read it that would be fine.


GPS device with high durability is much better for business transportation truck. The durability will make the device last and work longer. More than that, because you will use it on the truck, there will be occasion where you have to pass bumpy road. And, this condition can make your GPS device fall. With high durability GPS device, you won’t need to worry about this matter. Your device won’t have problem and work like before, even after it fall.

Other Important Points

The features are also important. Just choose the device with feature that you really need. More than that, you also need some accessories, like mount, truck charger and hard carrying case. They will help you to use your GPS device on your journey.

Now, after you know everything that you need to get best quality GPS device, you can just visit They can help you to find product that you need, with their unique online tool for finding GPS device. They also have information that you need, plus some review of best truck gps that you can find today.

How to Recover Deleted Photos?

Have you at any point unintentionally deleted photos and pictures from digital camera or hard drive? You realize that it can be unfathomably baffling. Also, it is considerably all the more disappointing when they happen to be your valuable family photographs, plan drawing or excursion pictures. Luckily, deleted pictures may not be the finish of world. As a rule, these photos are as yet covering up in the Recycle Bin and can be effortlessly recovered. In the event that your photographs are not in the Trash bin, Do Your Data Recovery is the logical option for you to recover deleted photos.

Look in Recycle Bin to Restore Deleted Photos

Simply double tap on the Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash bin (Mac) and you can see everything that is inside. Discovered the photos you had deleted and put back to your computer.

Use Do Your Data Recovery to recover deleted photos

Didn’t discover the photos you need in the recycle bin? Never surrender! Do Your Data Recovery is reliable deleted file recovery freeware. It is free yet effective to recover deleted photos from hard drive or storage media regardless of the possibility that you discharged the Recycle Bin. Simply download and install it on your computer. Here you can follow the steps to recover deleted photos.

1. Select the Hard Drive Where You Deleted Photos

Open Do Your Data Recovery. Select the hard drive or device where you deleted your photos.

2. Sweep for the Specific Types of Deleted or Lost Pictures

Select Photos for recovery, for example, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, ICO, PSD (Photoshop), PCX (Paintbrush). Click on “Scan” button to scan your hard drive to find deleted photos.

3: Preview and Recover Deleted Photos from Computer

After the filtering procedure, all recoverable photographs will be recorded in sort classes. You can see them in points of interest and check those pictures you need. At long last, click “Recover” button to save the photos.


Do Your Data Recovery offers quick scan mode and deep scan mode. If you can’t find deleted photos after quick scan, just try deep scan mode. Deep scan mode will deeply scan your hard drive or digital camera and find every recoverable photo. It also can recover deleted photos from memory card, external hard drive, USB flash drive, and other storage media. As you see, it is pretty simple to use. If you want to recover deleted photos after emptying trash bin, it is the best choice.

Please don’t put new files to your hard drive before you get deleted photos back in case that the new files would overwrite the disk space of deleted photos. Just quickly run Do Your Data Recovery to scan your hard drive to recover your photos before they are overwritten by new data.

Where to Buy Real Instagram Followers

Instagram now becomes one of the most powerful social media platform, way more sophisticated than a mere photo sharing app it was in the beginning. With huge numbers of active users from all over the world and the fact that it offers platform to share stories and connect with other users, Instagram is proven to become a powerful tool for business. The more follower an account has, the more valuable it is and it will be prospective for monetization.

There are success stories of people earn a lot of money from Instagram but for that, the account must have thousands or even hundreds of thousand followers. Getting new followers won’t be easy. It takes a lot of effort to create attractive content and also takes time. No wonder many people take shortcut by buying Instagram followers. The problem is, it’s not about the number of followers your account has but what kind of impact a post on your Instagram account could make. You need more than just followers but generic improvement from real people on Instagram not just those zombie accounts. Don’t waste your money for something with no real impact. So, be sure to click here to buy instagram followers. You’ll find the best place to get Instagram followers from real account of real people.

That link will lead you to Crovu, a leading social media services company based in Turkey. Actually, it is the first official company in Turki specializing in this field. Crovu has large based of users who are real people from Turkey and the rest of the world. This is the reason why this company can guarantee the followers you get will be real active account ensuring generic improvement of your account. This company also offers fast delivery ensuring you get the followers within 60 minutes after completed the process. Even better, Crovu also makes sure your security and privacy are well protected.



Computer Repair Can Smooth Your Life


With each passing day our reliance on computers is increasing exponentially. The major reason behind this is the widespread applications of internet. Internet has virtually turned this world into a global computer village. Now you can’t even imagine a smooth life without computer in general and internet in particular. However, what if your internet connection gets disrupted or your computer breaks down? If you are an online entrepreneur, you are likely to bear monetary losses, if you are a student who takes help of internet for completing various assignments you are likely to get behind work, and so on. However, to avoid all this mess, why don’t you give a call to Iowa computer repair companies; no doubt, they are quite proficient in providing immediate solutions.


Iowa, though basically has an agricultural economy yet there is no denying the fact that the computer users in Iowa are also growing rapidly. When there is such an extensive use of computers and the internet, you are likely to face computer troubles as well with the same pace. The most common problem faced by users while using internet is the vicious virus attacks. Every now and then we find that a malicious virus has entered into our systems which consequently slows down our computers, corrupt our systems files or lead to a complete computer crash. Although, apparently virus-infection is a single problem yet there are various other issues that come alive with this. The most frustrating being a hanging computer and loss of precious data.


These issues can take a nasty turn if you don’t get expert help of Iowa computer repair service providers. The technicians hired by Iowa computer repair companies are bunch of professionals and certified people who can provide different solutions for resolving PC/laptop troubles. If the trouble is not that severe, these technicians can get you through the trouble by guiding you on phone or via online. However, if you like, you can get remote assistance as well. It is a very fast and convenient way of troubleshooting the computer issues. But this can only be done, if your computer is in a position to atleast connect internet and is not in a ‘blackout’ condition or has not braved some hardware damage.


Nevertheless, your computer issue will be alleviated no matter how severe and complicated it is. The skilled technicians of the computer repair in Iowa provide onsite facilities without charging you extra fees for coming over to your place. Moreover, they will not just remove the computer issue you are encountering, but will also take measures to ensure the issue doesn’t arise again. Plus you can take advantage of them by asking for some free advice for keeping your computer safe from any further intrusions. It would be better, if you could take part in some of the various training programs offered by them. These programs can help you handle a lot of computer troubles by your own, and may be if you would acquire good knowledge, you could start your own repair business some time.