How to Recover Deleted Photos?

Have you at any point unintentionally deleted photos and pictures from digital camera or hard drive? You realize that it can be unfathomably baffling. Also, it is considerably all the more disappointing when they happen to be your valuable family photographs, plan drawing or excursion pictures. Luckily, deleted pictures may not be the finish of world. As a rule, these photos are as yet covering up in the Recycle Bin and can be effortlessly recovered. In the event that your photographs are not in the Trash bin, Do Your Data Recovery is the logical option for you to recover deleted photos.

Look in Recycle Bin to Restore Deleted Photos

Simply double tap on the Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash bin (Mac) and you can see everything that is inside. Discovered the photos you had deleted and put back to your computer.

Use Do Your Data Recovery to recover deleted photos

Didn’t discover the photos you need in the recycle bin? Never surrender! Do Your Data Recovery is reliable deleted file recovery freeware. It is free yet effective to recover deleted photos from hard drive or storage media regardless of the possibility that you discharged the Recycle Bin. Simply download and install it on your computer. Here you can follow the steps to recover deleted photos.

1. Select the Hard Drive Where You Deleted Photos

Open Do Your Data Recovery. Select the hard drive or device where you deleted your photos.

2. Sweep for the Specific Types of Deleted or Lost Pictures

Select Photos for recovery, for example, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, ICO, PSD (Photoshop), PCX (Paintbrush). Click on “Scan” button to scan your hard drive to find deleted photos.

3: Preview and Recover Deleted Photos from Computer

After the filtering procedure, all recoverable photographs will be recorded in sort classes. You can see them in points of interest and check those pictures you need. At long last, click “Recover” button to save the photos.


Do Your Data Recovery offers quick scan mode and deep scan mode. If you can’t find deleted photos after quick scan, just try deep scan mode. Deep scan mode will deeply scan your hard drive or digital camera and find every recoverable photo. It also can recover deleted photos from memory card, external hard drive, USB flash drive, and other storage media. As you see, it is pretty simple to use. If you want to recover deleted photos after emptying trash bin, it is the best choice.

Please don’t put new files to your hard drive before you get deleted photos back in case that the new files would overwrite the disk space of deleted photos. Just quickly run Do Your Data Recovery to scan your hard drive to recover your photos before they are overwritten by new data.