Dollar Digits

Dollar Digits is one of the hottest second number apps on the market.  It easily allows users to have access to a second phone number, using their regular device.  Dollar Digits is popular with daters, small business owners, and online retailers.

Dollar Digits is shockingly simple to use, which makes it accessible to a wide range of users.  Anyone who can download an app can use Dollar Digits.  Because the app is available on both the App Store and Google Play, it can appeal to almost all smartphone users.  After users download the free second number app they can get their free number and then after verifying their account they are free to start their 3-day free phone number trial.  Many smartphone users don’t use phones to talk very often.  Dollar Digits supports both SMS and MMS messaging and their free private self-destruct messaging allows users to protect their privacy and anonymity.  Users can also share picture messages.

Users are finding new ways to incorporate Dollar Digits into their lives.  Small business owners are using the Dollar Digits phone number as their business number.  By using a Dollar Digits number, they are able to avoid using their private number for business calls and also avoid buying a second mobile device.  By having both their business and personal number on one device, users don’t have to worry about forgetting phones or struggling to find the correct device.

Daters are also finding that Dollar Digits can be useful.  By giving out a temporary number daters aren’t risking giving out their personal number to new people.  If a date doesn’t go well the user can easily cancel their number and get a new number.

Even though Dollar Digits is a new app, it is already easy to see its appeal.  Whether users want to keep their phone calls from being listed on their phone bill or just want a second number for their business, Dollar Digits’ versatile service is a good fit for most lifestyles.  Dollar Digits lets users decide what plan they want, and they never use contracts.  If users only need a few texts a month then there’s a plan for that.  Having a second number app can be helpful even for users who don’t use it regularly.  Users can feel secure knowing they have access to the second phone number to use in case they are ever in a situation where they don’t feel comfortable giving out their primary number.  Dollar Digits can be great as a backup plan or as a regular second phone number.  Regardless of how it is used, Dollar Digits is an affordable and reliable service.