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Telephone System Dubai


It is not a secret that the cost of phone call with traditional landline has significantly increased over the years. Furthermore, traditional phone also only has so many limitations. For example, it can only be used to make or receive phone calls, which is no longer suitable for communication needs in this modern era. If you run a business, relying on conventional phone is definitely not enough anymore. It is important to look for a better solution for your business needs and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the answer for that. Here are some benefits that you can get from VoIP.

Flexibility and Versatility

VoIP is very flexible. When you are using landline, your range of movement will be limited. You cannot even go to the next room, let alone take the phone out of the building. Yes, you can use mobile phone, but the cost can be very expensive, especially for long distance calls. VoIP is different. It takes advantage of internet connection. So, as long as you bring the VoIP adapters in a place with internet connection, you can use all the features wherever you go. It is perfect for business that requires the employees to travel. Just make sure you get the device from reputable company like telephone system dubai to ensure better quality.

VoIP is more than just a phone. You also can use it to receive e-mail, fax and even holding a video conference. This is because VoIP uses internet network instead of traditional phone line. It means, unlike using dial up service, users can activate the internet and making phone call at the same time.

More Cost Effective

VoIP can help your company saves cost in more than a way. Besides cheaper fee for long distance call, the maintenance and scalability cost is also much cheaper. Installing VoIP doesn’t require professional IT staff so you can save money on that area as well

Electric Skateboard Supplier


These days, people have tendency to fetch many electric stuffs, including skateboards, that it is necessary to be aware of the best electric skateboard supplier. One of the reasons why they choose electric skateboard is because it does not spend much effort to look fancy. In order to fit in the society’s need, I-Wonder Power offers a good solution. Here are a few good reasons why you should choose I-Wonder Power as your trustworthy partner!

Certified Quality

Specialized to develop electronic skateboard as well as scooter, I-Wonder Power has obtained a valid certification, approved by CE UN38.3 MSDS ROHS FCC. Consist of many enthusiastic professionals; I-Wonder Power always has a strict quality control under the supervision of the core of both production and management team, those who have obtained at least 8 years of experience in this field. Not only that, before the launching of each product, they have ran out and passed ESC test 100%, in which all motors and batteries are guaranteed to be in a perfect shape. It is also strengthened by flexible yet very fast acceleration, with the maximal speed for over 40km/h. The body build has a top notch quality if compared with other model boards, turning it handy with your own customized design.

Incredible Safety

If you worry over the price, you do not have to worry, because it is always worth it. Aided with excellent 3 braking modes as well as electric skateboard monitoring, it will minimize the possibilities of getting injured when you skate your way down the hill! That does not just stop there, your safety is ensured because the gear is using 18659 LG lithium batteries, where it has great power with USB power output, making it able for you for easy and fast charging. If you get a more advanced product, a swappable battery will also be obtainable. In addition, the FOC Control System will make it easier for the rider to adjust and have fun during skates.


Besides the automatic skateboard monitoring as well as the battery, I-Wonder Power also offers you a great service after sale. Built up a production team up lines, the company owns 4000m workshop area, in which you will be able to get free spare parts from Not only that, for every purchase, the item has 12 months warranty, in which you can always come to our stores, available in your country. What are you waiting for? Go check out I-Wonder Power electric skateboard supplier!

The Best Tool for Moving Your Old Important Files

Fade-out Effect:

Archiving has been an important thing to do in a business since a long time ago. However, in today’s digital and internet era, the archiving process turn into something that’s not easy to do. The amount of data increases significantly. The type of documents also becomes much vary than before. Therefore, using a professional service like ArchiverFS will be very helpful.

What is ArchiverFS?

ArchiverFS is a product from MLtek. This is a powerful tool that let you easily transfer your old files to any devices or server via UNC path to any type of server, from VM to Google Cloud Server. You can check out the main product page if you want to know more about this product. However, this product will be very useful for your archiving purpose.

The Benefits

ArchiverFS can transfer the file in second. It doesn’t matter how many files that you have or how big its size, it can don’t much faster than other tools. And, that’s not all. This tool also creates a link on your old server or drive that will connect it to the old files that you’ve had move. And, you will get the live access from it, unlike other tools.

With this feature, you can get many benefits, such as you can make more space on your server or drives for your new files. It will also improve the performance of your server. And, your old files on another server will be protected by the best security system.


ArchiverFS will become one of the important tools that every business can have, including yours. It gives you more benefits as well as easy to use. You also can save more time, energy, and of course, money with ArchiverFS. If you want to know more about this tool, you can visit thier site for more info.

Nanotechnology to Prolong Engine Life


One of the worst nightmares every car owner has is broken engine. The engine is the one that runs the car and the more modern the vehicle, the engine is more sophisticated. Broken engine can be very challenging to repair and surely, it will cost you a fortune. That’s the reason why good maintenance is very crucial. It keeps the engine in good condition ensuring it can delivers optimum performance and to prevent possible damage.

Like any other mechanical system, car engine has an average life expectancy. Good maintenance can optimize its life expectancy while lack of maintenance will shorten it. But what if you can prolong the engine life with a very easy process and also cost efficient? That’s very interesting isn’t it? I bet every car owner would love to know that secret. OK, let’s reveal the it! There’s no big secret at all. What you need to prolong engine life is TriboTEX Reverse Wear! It is an innovative, no, a revolutionary product that will change engine treatment and maintenance altogether. This product consists of nanomaterial the reverses the wear in the engine. The nanomaterial uses the same nanoparticles developed together with NASA, DoE, and NSF.

What TriboTEX can do to your engine? The nanomaterial will build protective coating on the inside surface of the engine. It protects the surface of engine parts and make it more durable and life longer. As the result, engine performance will be improved. The power is increased and even with much better fuel efficiency. The nanomaterial coating allows the engine to run cooler and this increase the life of gaskets, bearings, and sealings. With TriboTEX, the engine will produce less CO2 emission to make it more environmental friendly. Learn more about this product, how it can help prolong vehicle life, and where you can buy it. The information is available on its website.

Press releases Ten common mistakes

Press releases are the facts written for the journalists by the brands, organizations, and businesses to reach their target audience. Recently, these press releases have become more effective because of the explosion of social media and the digital revolution. If you are not able to enjoy the benefits of the press releases in this era of the digital world, then the chances are that you are making common mistakes that people make when drafting one. According to following are the ten common mistakes that you have to avoid while writing press releases.

Coming up with the wrong title:

A title is the first thing that the journalist will ever see, and that is why it should be encouraging enough to take a journalist to the further post. Don’t be too long with your title and try to make it punchy. You can use puns in your press releases but make sure that they are not very cliché.

Written as a first person:

Never write your press release as a first person. You can see in the newspapers that the stories written in the paper are written as a third person. You will never find words like “WE” and “I” unless they are talking about quotes. So, write your press release as a third person, and it should ; look like that someone else is telling the story all the time.

Not provided enough information:

We always advise our readers to keep their press releases short and concise, but at the same time, you have to make sure that you include all the facts. Put all the important news in the first paragraph and elaborate the first paragraph in the second. You can put quotes in the third paragraph and can use the fourth paragraph to summarize your press release.

Used improper punctuation:

Improper punctuation is the biggest turn off for journalists when it comes to press releases. You have to make sure that you are making the task easy for the journalists and providing them with a copy that is ready to be published. This way you will also be able to build a solid reputation as someone who always provides reliable and quality press releases.

Copied from a website or newsletter:

Copywriting is not going to help you in your press releases. The chances are that you will end up writing your press release as a first person or it will become too promotional that will change the mind of the journalist to avoid publishing it. So, don’t be lazy write your press release from the scratch. You can use newspapers and magazines as a reference if you need help.

Quotes are not used to good effect:

The first thing that you have to do is to create an angle of the story, and then you have to involve one or two quotes to back up your story. Make sure that you are using them effectively as it will give you the chance to throw some key messages. Don’t repeat the quotes and just use them to sell your company or product.

Used too many Caps:

Use of two many Caps and Bolds can make your press release to look like a little unprofessional. There is no need emphasize on words as it would look a little odd and sneaky. Don’t even highlight your company name with Caps and if you have something written in the caps then change it to the lower cases.

It is too short:

Short is not always sweet, and you have to provide enough content so that the journalist gets all the facts about your press release. Try to stay on the track and include a little detail. The golden rule of writing the press release is to answer What, where, when, who, why and how in your press release.

It’s way too promotional:

Read your press release once you have finished writing it. It should not sound like you are screaming to the audience to buy your products. Press releases are the source of promotion and not the advertisements. Present the facts in your press release and give an overview of what production or performance is.

Overhyped copy:

There is no need to add unnecessary adjectives because it will give your press release an advertising touch. This is something that you need to avoid. Excess use of exclamation marks will also affect the quality of your press release.

These are some of the common mistakes that writers do while writing the press releases. Make sure that you are not making these mistakes to get the best press release for your business.