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Migrating Server Files to New Tier Storage, What You Should Know

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Having a server or database with more than 1 server is very beneficial. Besides improving the reliability of the server, migrating old files to second tier storage also can help the main storage work more efficiently. However, moving files to another tier is not as easy as it sounds.

To make it simpler as well as keep the integrity of the files, you will need the help from a reliable server file archiving software. ArchiverFS can help you archive your old files and migrate them to UNC path or second tier storages like NAS, SAN and even cloud storage. You can click here for more information about this software.

Migrating old file to second tier storage and completely separating the first and second tier storage has its benefit as well. In case of disaster where you lost your data in one of the storage, you still have the backup in the second storage. If you choose a great file archiving software, you will be able to restore the files gradually, starting from the ones you urgently needed. This way, file restoring time will be more efficient. ArchiverFS has this feature and you can visit their site to know more about this functionality.

Another great feature from this archiving software is it complies with data protection regulation. Some countries have data protection law that regulates how long a company can retain a certain type of data. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for companies to comply with this regulation. Not because they don’t want to but many companies store their data without any structures. As a result, it is very challenging to decide when certain data should be disposed of. ArchiverFS has a solution for this. This archiving software make sure its users can comply with the data protection law by allowing the users to specify the exact time when the data should be deleted.

How to Select the Best Website Company


If you’re considering either website design services, SEO services or other digital marketing services, chances are you’ll go to the internet for your research. If you do a web search for “Minneapolis website agency”, or “Denver website design”, or “Boise SEO company”, you’ll see a ton of results.

If you’re like a lot of people and type “website company near me”, or “SEO company near me”, forget about it. It’s overwhelming!

You’ve got so many options when it comes to choosing a web designer, how do you choose the right one?

If you’re looking for a Minneapolis website agency, there are countless options for you to choose from. If you’re in Colorado, and in need of a Denver website design agency, the number of website companies is overwhelming. If you’re in a smaller market like Idaho, and are looking for a Boise website company, the options may be fewer, but your choice is no less important. Here are a few things to consider.

Are you also considering SEO services? Social media marketing? Reputation management services? Not all web design agencies are the same. Some specialize only in website design and web development, while others offer additional digital marketing services.  One Minneapolis website agency may be fantastic as a WordPress website designer, but doesn’t offer SEO services, for example. Maybe he only does freelance web design. If you’re wanting your website to be found in the search engines, you’ll want to consider SEO services as well. In this case, you’ll have to decide whether it makes sense to utilize this person’s website design services, and look elsewhere for Minneapolis SEO services.

Here’s a question we hear a lot. My business is located in Denver, Colorado. How important is it that I work with a Denver website company, or a Denver SEO company? Or, I’m in Minneapolis. Should I only consider a web design agency in Minneapolis, or is it OK to consider a web design company in Boise, for example?

The answer really depends on you. How important is it for you to have your web designer, or SEO specialist available for onsite meetings? What we find is through the internet, video conferencing, email and phone calls, most website companies can work with clients across the world.

Website design companies in Minneapolis, and Denver SEO companies will have no problem effectively providing digital marketing services to any company, regardless of their location. I know of a Boise website company who works with a large firm in New York, and they couldn’t be happier.

Communication is done via phone, email and video conferencing. Files are shared online. As a result, this small Boise website company is able to effectively provide digital marketing services to a firm located across the US from them.

Another company we’ve spoken with is a Denver website company and they support customers in Mexico and Europe. Using the same tools, they’re able to provide web design services and SEO services to companies that are well outside of their area.

That said, several SEO companies in Minneapolis and St. Paul offer local SEO services to small businesses in their area. In some cases, working with a local SEO provider makes sense. Local SEO services will take into account your local market, and in many cases it will make sense to work with a Denver SEO company instead of a Minneapolis SEO company, for example (if you’re located in Denver).

Think about your own business. Are you able to collaborate with employees and customers remotely? There are a number of tools that can make this very efficient, and it’s no different when it comes to digital marketing services. As a Minneapolis web design agency, we’re fluent in working around time-zones, schedules, and availability.

Here’s another thing to consider if you’re considering hiring a Minneapolis web designer, Denver web designer, Boise website company or are looking at SEO companies near you.

Do they have a portfolio of work for them to show you? Do you like their website designs? Are they able to show you results from their SEO services? How much is website design or SEO services with them?

Basically, you want to make sure they have the talent and experience to be able to provide you with an awesome new website, or page one rankings in the search engines, if you’re considering their SEO services.

Here’s another consideration, if you’re looking for Denver website design, or a Minneapolis web designer.

Timeframe: How long will it take them to complete your new website design? How long until they’re able to begin providing you with SEO services? You’ll want to make sure that their backlog isn’t so large that it will delay your web design project, or getting started with your search engine optimization services.

Need web design services in Boise? Website design in Denver? SEO services in Minneapolis? You’ve got a lot of options.

Now you may still choose to search “website company near me”, or “SEO company near me”, but the reality is the location of the digital marketing company is less important than you might think.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas that help you out in your search for a Denver website company, Minneapolis website agency, Boise SEO company, or a digital marketing agency wherever you’re located.

If you open your search to other markets, you just might find the perfect match and competitive advantage you’re looking for!

One Minneapolis website company who will work with you to provide a fantastic website design at an affordable price is HyperX Design. Visit their website at

Significance of IMEI information of Smartphones

Not many people around the globe know about IMEI number. This is understandable because it is used in specific situations unlike your SIM number or mobile number. IMEI number is usually imprinted on phone batteries alongside serial number but there are couple of other ways to retrieve this info. Everyone should be aware of this unique number associated with their phone as it has some important purpose.

Brief overview of IMEI Number

Before explaining IMEI, it is necessary to know about terrestrial cellular networks. All modern smartphones use what is called as terrestrial cellular network for voice calls and data. To explain in laymen terms, a terrestrial cellular network is based entirely on earth as opposed to satellite networks which make use of satellites.

Now, all devices that are based on terrestrial cellular networks have a unique device identifier which is called IMEI. So, IMEI is not just applicable for smartphones but also for tablets and data cards. You may wonder why dual SIM phones have two IMEI numbers, this is just for the ease of network switching.

Real purpose of IMEI

Well, the main purpose as stated above is to uniquely identify mobile devices. But, the real intended purpose for IMEI is to prevent mobile theft and misuse. Let’s say your phone gets stolen, you can still easily track your phone using IMEI tracker online or cloud accounts associated to your phone. In case of iPhones, it is iCloud and for android phones, it is Android Device Manager. Besides tracking the phone, you can also get the IMEI blacklisted which will make your de-activate your device permanently. One should note that IMEI numbers are linked with device hardware, so it is extremely difficult to change them without corrupting the device.

Typically, when you report about the lost or stolen device to your carrier, they will immediately blacklist the IMEI.

Who else can access your IMEI info?

The government can sometimes use IMEI to access your personal information as part of security check. This is however not feasible for prepaid customers as there are no contracts, so carriers don’t maintain database for such customers like they do for contractual customers. But even for contractual customers, government needs legal permission such as a search warrant to access private data. So, you need not worry about it unless there is a threat to national security and government must do this exercise.

Replacing SIM card on your device does not change the IMEI, so the device can still be easily traced. But there is another group of people who can do real damage by misusing your personal information. Hackers often steal such information with malicious intent. Hence, it is important to keep your IMEI information secured and install security mechanism on your phone.

Is it mandatory for every phone to have IMEI

The short answer is yes. There are legal implications if a phone doesn’t have IMEI. A decade ago, there was no legal enforcement with regards to IMEI, but it all changed with rise in mobile thefts. Today, if you spot a phone with missing IMEI then it is almost certain that the device is fake or stolen.

However, there is one exception to this requirement. Intelligence agencies around the globe often use devices without IMEI to avoid traceability.

Checking validity of IMEI

When you buy a new phone from a trusted seller, you can rest assured that the IMEI will be valid and legal. But in case of used phones, it is bit tricky. Hence, you should be extra careful while purchasing used phones as some of them might look nice on the outside but will have blacklisted IMEI’s. There are many tools online where you can check validity of IMEI.

Integrating SEO and PPC to Drive More Traffic to Your Website


Driving more traffic to your website is one of the best ways to make more people aware about your brand and business in this digital era. To achieve that goal, maybe you are currently considering whether you should use SEO or PPC. Both methods have their own advantages and drawbacks so choosing the best can be confusing. But the truth is, you actually don’t have to choose. With the help of the best SEO agency Melbourne, you actually can get the best of the world in the most efficient ways.

Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic that will improve your website’s credibility in the eyes of the search engine. And when it comes to organic traffic, SEO is the best way to gain it. Unfortunately, it is an established knowledge that SEO doesn’t deliver fast result. No matter how good your contents are or how advanced the SEO tools and techniques you use, you cannot make the website today and expect to be on Google’s first page by the next morning.

To help driving more traffic to your website while waiting for the result of the SEO kicks in, you need PPC. PPC is known to be a pretty costly method to gain traffic, but you actually only pay when someone clicks the ads so you know the money you spend will result in something.

To launch a successful PPC campaign, you will need some help of AdWords agency Melbourne, especially to choose the keywords and analyze the traffic data. Speaking of keywords, since PPC will deliver faster results, you can use PPC campaign to test an effectivity of your targeted keywords. Find out which keywords bring the most traffic and result in the best conversion. And then, you can use them for your SEO campaign as well. Since SEO and PPC are actually complementing each other, it is best to integrate both methods and see how your website traffic improves.

How to Get a Job in Recruitment

The first step of every organization is to recruit people for the work distribution because every employee has different tasks to perform and division of work is so much important because a single man cannot run a whole empire of his organization.

To run a company, you have to recruit employees to proceed the tasks. The process of recruiting people is not an easy task as at the time of recruiting the recruiters are putting the whole organization on a stake if a recruiter made a small mistake in hiring people it can be risky for the organization. It means that if you recruit a wrong man for the right job, he will definitely perform poor because of his inability and results in disturbance throughout his job.

The process of recruiting the recruiters i.e. the managers which recruit people are also recruited for their jobs and it is not easy to be in the position of a recruiter. As the recruiters receive a good payment for their job, they are also in danger throughout the task for the fear of a mistake which can possibly be done by them.

There are so many jobs for different fields nowadays and the process of recruiting is on its peak, recruiters are recruiting more and more employees for business purpose and the recruiting system is becoming more complex and advanced.

How to get a job in recruitment system? you must have the following abilities in yourself:

•    You should have the best skills of communicating.

•    You should have some extra intelligence of dealing with people.

•    You should know about all the consequences of hiring people for the right job.

•    You should have the diploma in HRM management or 2 years’ experience of recruitment.

There are some of the advantages of recruitment in recruitment system of any organization:

  Your inner propensities are polished if you get a job in recruitment system.

  Your talking skills get enhanced by interacting with the different type of people.

  You can judge people easily.

  Good payment.

  You can serve the company or organization by recruiting the most talented employees for the future of the company.

The jobs of recruitment system are so much important these days because the market is expanding and more and more organizations are developing. The jobs for recruitment are so many in numbers, every company is finding HRM managers to run their company and to help them in progress of their business.

All the market needs recruitment staff for their benefits because every owner wants employees who work for him and his company with passion, all of this can happen when he has the best recruiter who has a knowledge of how to recruit best and talented people for the job and who is suitable for different jobs. All the big industries and organizations are hiring people for the job of recruitment all over the world and it is so because recruitment managers play an important role in every business. If you want to be a part of recruitment system you have to build up extra talents in yourself along with training in recruitment system.