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Top 5 Blogging Platforms in Digital Marketing

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Blogging plays a promising role in digital marketing that enhances the efforts applied in search engine optimization techniques by the SEO Experts. Blogs represent pure content and ability of the business and its team member – also known as the first impression sometimes. The quality, authenticity and presentation factors of blog indirectly augment your sales and reputation. You can Get Blogging Strategy from Digital Marketing Training In Surat or Digital Marketing Training Institute In Surat.

This article will list and summarize the top blogging platforms that are worth its utilization when digital marketing is in context.

1. WordPress world

WordPress is world’s most unique and user-friendly platform that provides optimum blogging experience to its users. Moreover, most important of all; it is premium, and it is for free! The WordPress is customizable to a great extent, and it is served with ingenious SEO features that automate your efforts that are required for On-Page search engine optimization. Moreover, the word press is globally accepted and compatible which is the reason for the huge availability of its plugins and online support – in-fact it has maintained its own community of developers.

Besides being a blogging platform, it can also be implemented to build the website that is an extending feature that helps its user in the stability of impulse.

2. Blogger

The Google-owned Blogger is a free blogging platform into practice by millions of users since more than a decade. Blogger cannot be implemented in any business activity due to its restricted environment. The only reason for Blogger being at the second place is the deficiency of automated search engine optimization (SEO). However, just like WordPress, even blogger is pre-loaded with the range of templates.

Moreover, the most of all, the blogger is Google owned, and hence, it is indexed very easily and quickly by the crawling bots of Google Search Engine. Overall it is useful for sharing stories, travel, and readabilities and not the business amplification factors.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is the blogging platform that believes in efficiency. It is featured with a diverse range of pros and tools that are effective and easy to use – resulting is perfect efficiency and scalability. It is the easiest gig to start your passion for writing.

4. Medium

Medium blogging platform can be an awesome source of traffic if it is implemented in an optimum way. The registration process of Medium is just a simple sign-up using existing Twitter or Facebook. Moreover, most of all, Medium add your existing connections within your Medium connections which means that your half of the effort on the expansion of connections is automated by Medium itself.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often referred as a largest professional platform for corporate connections. LinkedIn allows posting your article on your profile and ensures its coverage to your connections. Blogging on LinkedIn is considered as the smartest choice, as it directly engages your preferred audience to a one-on-one conversation on the messaging module.

The above-mentioned list of blogging platforms are the most popular ones whereas the following list represents some of the other secondary blogging platforms:

  • Squarespace
  • CEOpress
  • Spacenab